CMMS Proposal

Improve manufacturing work flow and take care of small issues

  • Section 1: Quick review of our work flow
  • Section 2: Issues found on each work flow step and solution
  • Section 3: Reports to help us improve
  • Section 4: Cost

Section One – Work Flow

work flow

Section Two – Issues and Solutions

warehouse highlight

2 issues:

  • Missing parts or extra parts in the bin
    • Check items when bin received
    • BOM check: 2 fail results
      1. Bin empty but blue list not
      2. Blue list empty bu Bin not
    • Bar code scanner stand. Check the BOM during picking.
    • How to upload BOM from excel
  • Pick wrong part – (optional)
    • Maybe technician check or the scan method can use when picking
    • Scan the part and show image

Polishing red

2 issues

2 issues

Final assembly red

no problem


Let’s jump to section 3

Section 3 – Reports and MORE FEATURES

report banner
  • Real time reports
    • Clock in from QR code
  • Data is more accurate because the way we collect data
    • Clock in/out is easy. Because of good UX
    • Data can break down to very details. example:
      1. When clock in to sub-assembly, we can tag the work type as direct work, co, or even waiting for parts clean up.
      2. We can track how shortage on certain part impact the total build time.
  • We don’t collect data for what you need. We collect all data, and show you what you need.

Track Work Progress

Progress tracking will be very handy when we have multiple machine build at the same time

Assembly Instruction

Section Four – Cost


  • Google login for easy access
  • Unlimited users