Dissemination Of Information

Improve work process by reducing the time spend on repeat messaging

Some message we send repeatedly by verbal, email or iMessage. For example, Kanban quality low and needs to refill. We send out the same message to same group. We can automate this work by QR code and make our department works more efficient.

  • New calendar feature. Tasks will show more visually
    • 10:00 meeting
      1. Sales order
      2. Spare Parts
    • Shipping Date
      1. Easy to find out
      2. No need to walk to the white board to check
    • Machine Build
      1. Work order will be easier to track
      2. Progress will be more visible.
  • Documentation – Drawing, Assembly Instruction etc.
    • Not readily available, why:
      1. We have documents, but we need to find it when we need it
      2. When you start a work order, documents should come with the work order. Everything will attach to assembly ID. example
    • Not centralize
      • when assign task to tech:
        1. Tech skill list
        2. Task list
        3. Tech current task
  • Kanban
    • If low stock quality, we need to talk to warehouse in person
      1. If they are not at their desk, this message may be forgotten.
      2. time wast

Increase user experience will increase the data accuracy.

New ideas

  • Email when new task added.
  • daily email of tasks’ list
  • Technician estimate the percentage of completion